21 June 2013

Thank You to Our Byelection Candidates in the NW this week

Firstly, well done to Marion Standings in Allerdale, Boltons ward. In a byelection won by a very prominent anti-windfarm campaigner, where we have no record of standing before, we gained 11.2%.

Secondly, thank you to Mary Ferrer in Salford, who got 4th place ahead of the BNP and Lib Dems, with 4.5% of the vote last night in Weaste and Seedley ward (where we haven’t stood before).

For comparison you can look at how we did in Pendlebury, Salford in 2009 in 2008 we polled just 4.4% in an Allerdale byelection for the All Saints ward.

If we can manage those levels of support under FPTP in areas we haven’t contested before, we are in better shape now than we were in 2008/09 and on target for the 8% or more we need under the Proportional Representation system used for next year’s European Elections.

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