14 August 2013

For Frack's Sake

So the latest polling on fracking suggests that if it is going to happen in your backyard, 40% of people will be in favour and 40% will be against. I think this is actually difficult to reconcile with the huge opposition we are seeing at Balcombe.

If you ask about fracking generally, the same poll says 44% of the British public are said to be in favour with 30% against. This is despite general mainstream media support for the fracking industry and the best efforts of agencies to smooth over objections on the dangers to our water supply.

Politically that stacks up as all the other parties in favour, and the Greens representing the 30 to 40% of people who oppose fracking. Compare that to 68% being generally in favour of onshore wind and 67% who would prefer wind turbines to shale gas wells in their neighbourhood.

As Caroline Lucas, our Green MP, makes clear in her letter to the Telegraph today:

“...According to some estimates, exploiting 10 per cent of Britain’s shale gas resources would require 110,000 wells, or an average of 160-170 per parliamentary constituency”

Here in the North West, we are going to be at the frontline of the resistance to fracking. That is why the North West Green Party asked for the national description, “Green Party: Stop Fracking Now” to be registered three months ago. If you want to help the North West Greens get an anti-fracking candidate in every local election contest next year, then volunteer yourself or donate to help us to do it.

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