18 September 2013

Against Nuclear Power? Against Fracking? Still a Liberal Democrat?

We've issued a press release on the North West Green Party website based on my experiences yesterday. Here are some simple but difficult to answer questions to Liberal Democrat members, and particularly those who believe themselves to be "Green Lib Dems".

Are you against Nuclear Power?

Are you against Fracking?

Why are you still in the Liberal Democrats?

There will be Liberal Democrats who move to the Greens over these issues and for whom this is the last straw (although we can be certain that for those that stay there will be further "last straws" to come).

In the Euro Elections next year, we will be fighting an agenda that rejects the decisions made by this coalition government in terms of both social justice and the environment. We hope to help bring about an earlier General Election. We want to stop fracking now.

Unfortunately politics can be too tribal. Members are caught up in social relationships within their own political party that makes it very hard for them to resign or to switch. However, I left Labour in 1998 and Cllr John Coyne left the Liberal Democrats in 2006. It can be done. There is life afterwards and the Greens are a growing force.

Greens now represent the aspirations that the Lib Dems used to:

- Proportional Representation
- Environmental protection
- Freedom of the press
- Tolerance to those who come to work in Britain

If you've read this far as a current Lib Dem, then you know it is time to join us. You can contact me or John Coyne in the North West (see NW Press Release link at the top).

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