5 September 2013

Green Party Stop Fracking Now

I'm wishing the best of luck to Shereen Reedman who is standing as the first ever Green Party Stop Fracking Now candidate in a Blackpool byelection to the council. She also was one of the organisers of the recent Mass Sleep Out Blackpool event over the summer, to raise concerns over homelessness and the bedroom tax. There have been well publicised fracking concerns in the area and there has been a lot of work done by Blackpool Green Party and Phil Mitchell in particular, in opposing fracking.

The images of Caroline Lucas getting arrested while protesting at Balcombe have shown that the Greens are the anti-fracking party. However, we need support from anti-fracking activists so we can fight at a political level to stop this becoming a reality up and down the length of Britain.

If you are living close to Blackpool and want to help out in the campaign, please get in touch (email on sidebar). I haven't met Shereen personally, but she sounds like the kind of candidate that as Greens we would hope to be putting forward in every local byelection campaign in the country.

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