26 March 2014

Angry at the Mainstream Media Ignoring the Greens? Here is how to help

Today we have launched a 72 hour fundraising appeal to enable us to do the social media campaigning that will be essential in helping us eject Nick Griffin from the European Parliament. If you haven’t seen what we did in 2009, have a look at this YouTube video.

This 72 hour fundraising appeal is the best chance for us to combat the discrimination we are facing in the mainstream media. We know that nationally UKIP are going to be treated as a “main party” and here in the North West the BBC have told us they have to give higher priority to coverage of Nick Griffin over us during the campaign, because he is a sitting MEP. Farage and Clegg will be involved in an artificial in/out debate that misses a lot of the real European wide concerns that need to be aired, including TTIP.

Our aim is to overcome this huge disadvantage by producing some stunning viral videos and doing some really innovative online campaigning (we can’t tell you everything about it because that would tip off the opposition) we can reset the balance. So please share this link widely - if you can afford to donate even £5 or £10 by visiting our Green Action website, you will be helping us to make sure that we get our message across as the outsider party in this campaign.

The Green Party doesn’t receive funding from big business figures, city traders or other well heeled backers. We rely on appeals to members and online fundraising to help make our campaigns happen. How well we can do is often down to resources and on this occasion we really need your help.

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