20 April 2014

Another NW Endorsement From the Community Action Party

There are just five days until the close of nominations. The fairly small Socialist Equality Party, who gained 0.1% (54 votes) in the Manchester Central 2010 election, intend to stand in the North West region (and only the NW Region!) in the European Elections. The Socialist Labour Party are apparently not standing, so it is pretty much as you were, with at least one party with the name "Socialist" standing. As I've explained in my previous blog, the implications of lots of small parties standing have potential effects on the result. I think a lot of people on the left would like to see NO2EU make a decision not to stand in the NW region, including many supporters of TUSC. We'll have to see if anything comes from whatever internal debate may be going on. I've not had any direct contact, but once again would reiterate that my door is open to email, phone or direct discussion with all other anti-racists here in the NW. We must ensure that Nick Griffin does not sneak back into Europe. If you support that, please join our Green Not Griffin site on Facebook.

We do have another good news, this time in the form of a more local endorsement here in the North West. The Community Action Party gained nearly 3,000 votes in Wigan Borough council elections in 2012, with some support in Salford as well. They are recommending to their supporters to vote Green in the 2014 European Elections. Here is their statement from Michael Moulding, their chair:

"In Ashton, Wigan and Leigh, the Community Action Party will be urging its local supporters to use their European Election votes for the Green Party on May 22nd, and elect Peter Cranie to the European Parliament."

"It's clear that the Greens were very close to winning a seat in the last Euro Elections and needed just 0.3% more to win. Instead, Nick Griffin and the racist and homophobic BNP were able to win a seat. CAP are backing the "Green not Griffin" campaign this time to ensure that the BNP leader is not re-elected."

"Importantly, it is absolutely crucial that we have at least one Euro MP who is opposed to the fracking proposals that look set to blight our local area - and all the other parties who can win seat will back fracking. The principled stand of the Green MP, Caroline Lucas, who has stood trial for peacefully protesting against fracking, while many MPs have got away with misclaiming their expenses, shows that the Greens are different and deserve a chance to represent the North West."

I'd like to thank the Community Action Party for once again endorsing us, as they did in 2009. The Green Party is assembling a broad anti-racist and anti-fracking coalition of votes in the European Elections. We needed less than 5,000 extra votes last time - that was just 5 votes per council ward area in the North West. The two endorsements from the newly launched Left Unity party and now from the Community Action Party, show that we can and will eject Nick Griffin from the European Parliament and provide an alternative to the pro-fracking mainstream parties and UKIP.


Peter Critchley said...

Excellent news! It's good to see the Greens establishing links with community bodies. Grassroots public, the heartlands of an ecological citizenship.

eartheart said...

good stuff