7 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo

Je suis désolé. For the families of the journalists and cartoonists. For the people of Paris. For the people of France. I stand with you.

I worry for Muslims throughout Europe. Some may be subjected to idiotic "reprisals". I stand with you too.

I admire and support all those in the world who push for tolerance, peace and freedom of speech. I may not always agree with you. I may be offended by what you say but I stand firmly with you.

To those who warp religion for extremism, who seek to strike terror into our lives, I stand against you and will do always. There are many more of us than you, and your extremism will not rob us of our respect for one another.

To those who use these actions to further an agenda that sows division, distrust and division in our society. I will stand against you too, because you play into the hands of the extremists, you give them what they want and need. We stand against you. Your ignorance is no match for our hope, our love and our desire for a better future.

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