6 May 2015

Why Vote Green in Liverpool Wavertree Today?

I’m your Green candidate but I don’t expect to be your MP tomorrow. Wavertree is predicted to be one of the safest Labour seats in the country, but politics doesn’t have to be like this.

The Greens have the odds stacked against us. We were not treated by the BBC as one of the four main parties. Donations come in nationally in the thousands, not the millions raised by the others. Yet at this election we are a big part of the story and that is down to people like you.

There are now more than 60,000 members of the Green Party. We’ve got more members than UKIP. We’ve got more members than the Liberal Democrats. We are also the official opposition on Liverpool City Council and in the only Liverpool poll of the campaign (conducted by LBC), the Greens were in 2nd place ahead of the rest, as the main challengers to Labour.

Our policies are radical. We want to see real changes to our country and to our world. With this election likely to finish in a score draw between the red and blue parties, despite a third of all voters backing neither of these options, another election may be along soon enough.

Ultimately you will decide who wins this seat. If every voter tomorrow backs the Greens, we would win, but the bookies have it 100 to 1 on that Wavertree already has a Labour MP elected.

For those of you who see modern Labour nationally as a timid version of the Labour party your parents and grandparents voted for, then look at what the Greens are proposing and compare us.

You can vote Green knowing that there is no prospect of a Tory or Lib Dem win in Wavertree for a generation. You can vote Green wanting a Labour party that commits to ending austerity, rather than pursuing managerial politics.

Every Green vote you cast will help resource those Green MPs we do elect at Westminster, through the public money (Short Money) each opposition party receives.

The only wasted vote is for a party you don’t believe in. I don’t believe in the other parties, but I do believe in the Greens. So for my future and for the future of my children, I’m standing as your candidate and I’m asking you to believe too.

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