7 August 2008

Positive Polling

Opinion polls can sometimes be depressing reading for us Greens. For starters, questions to the electorate are usually phrased as follows:

"If there was a General Election tomorrow, which party would you support?
Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats or another party."

So for Greens to get above our typical 2 or 3% could be an indication of something quite unusual beginning to happen. In the last month, three of the opinion polls have shown something quite unusual.

ComRes have the Greens on 5%
Populus have the Greens on 5%
Ipsos Mori have the Greens on 4%

ICM still have us at 2% but a weighted average for the Greens in the last month is positive reading. With little leadership coming from the Labour party and indistinct positioning from the Liberal Democrats, I believe that voters are looking for something new.

Our internal leadership election could not have come at a better time and if as I hope, we have both Caroline Lucas and Adrian Ramsay elected to our two most high profile Executive positions at our forthcoming Conference, we'll have a chance to really build our momentum.

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