8 June 2009

5000 votes

I'd like to start by saying thank you to everyone in the North West who voted for us, to every party activist who helped us, to every person who endorsed us, people from other parties who supported us and to those who were instrumental in this campaign. You all know who you are.

There is nothing I can say or do now to change the result. What I can say is that it is personally very tough to take. Our analysis and tactics were spot on. Our campaign was excellent and at an intensity we've never managed before. But as the votes were counted the bottom line was that 5000 more people in the North West voted for the BNP than for the Greens.

Nick Griffin will now (apparently) represent me and millions of others here in the North West. For the next five years, both here and in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, the BNP will have European funding to build their party and organisation. For those of us in the North of England, this poses a formidable challenge. Right now I'm leaving my comments on where we go from here for a future date.

So I've changed my son's nappy this morning. I've gone in and chatted to my local newsagent, and I'm doing a radio interview for my employer, Parentline Plus at 10.30am. I'll be going out with my wife and son for lunch in a local cafe and we are going to the park this afternoon if the weather holds out.

Many, many of you have sent personal messages via facebook, email, text or on my phone. I won't be able to respond to them all but I am very grateful for your thoughts. I have three days of work ahead of me this week and probably some time to reflect on Friday, but I'll be largely quiet until then - my wife and son deserve some time and attention because the campaign has been tough on all of us.

I'm sorry we didn't get the result we deserved, but we'll pick ourselves up and move things along soon. There are highlights elsewhere in the country that we should be proud of, and our target constituencies will need our help, particularly if Brown departs and we have an October election.

A victory in the General Election is the best cure for what feels like a grim Euro Election hangover this morning.


Matt Sellwood said...

Congratulations on a superb campaign, Peter - and commiserations on the result. You deserved to go to Strasbourg.

As you say, there are some silver linings around the country - first places in Norwich, Brighton, Oxford - second places in Lewisham, Islington, Hackney....so lets keep building the progressive alternative to these fascist scumbags.

All best wishes as ever,


Sue said...

Gutted for you, commiserations Peter. So close.

migratingfishswim said...

I think you did really well, according to the BBC, the Greens gained 2.1% in the north west, so try to focus on that!

It is horrendous to think of the BNP getting taxpayers money, but fasicts always take advantage of tough economic times.

The fact that the BNP gained less than the Greens, is a testament to you, your campaigners, everyone who voted for you and (most of!) the people of the north west

Tom said...

It just proved your campaign was a complete lie. If UKIP had won 900 more votes they would have got a second MEP and Nick Griffin would not have been elected. So the gains made by your "anti-fascist" tactical voting campaign basically led to a fascist getting elected. Well done.

migratingfishswim said...

To Tom - climate change is a fact, it's already happening. People don't just vote Green to beat the BNP, they do it as they recognise the need for urgent sustainability.

The maths may work as you say, but speaking personally, I wouldn't be happy with a UKIP MEP.

Tom said...

migratingfishswim, the Green party campaigned on the basis that they were the only party that could prevent Nick Griffin from winning a seat - a powerful message to anyone otherwise completely disengaged from voting - based on this information which has proven completely erroneous:


Where on that page does it say anything about climate change?

migratingfishswim said...

The Green Party as a whole is obviously about sustainability.

Green Gordon said...

Realistically UKIP would have need about 2400 more votes. As having already won a seat, the approximately 1200 vote gap would need to be multiplied by two.

Tom, do you not understand the difference between a lie (a very loaded word) and a disagreement on strategy? If one strategy had a 90% chance success rate, but failed, would it have been a lie?

Anyway, thanks for your hard work Peter, it's much appreciated. Rest well.

Siddhu said...

Thank you for putting up an awesome fight, Peter.

I'm totally gutted, but would like to thank you for all of the work you put in fighting for the voiceless.

Ben Duncan said...

Oh Peter, I am so sorry. You fought an inspiring campaign, congratulations are due, in spades. I'm really looking forward to buying a beer to chat over one day soon when all this is old news - and it will be.

Kelvin said...

Supreme effort Peter. I received more informative literature from the greens than any other party.

Really thought you had it!!!

voter apathy!!!!

Douglas Coker said...

Commiserations Peter. The 2.00am news was a shocker - you should have won.

I just hope these fascists reveal themselves to be absolutely hopeless in office and are rapidly subject to much ridicule. The BNP jerk at the count in Enfield was a sad joke and I'm sure pretty typical.



Pixie_Pop said...

Don't let the BNP get you down Peter. My step-father and brother are both huge supporters of this horrible party, they can sound rational at times but they back it all up with racist comments. I know what the BNP really are and it wont be long until others open their eyes and see this too, especially those who misguidely voted for them and threw their vote away.
Hold your head up high and be proud of what you have achieved!!

Clive Searle said...

Well done Peter on a great campaign and commiserations on the result. So close. Still the fight against the fascist BNP will go on and I hope we can continue to work together in the future.


Towards A Higher Man said...

Great result for the bnp.

Jenny said...

Peter, I am proud to have voted for you on Thursday, and proud to have told my friends that I believe you worth voting for. Not proud of UK politics in general though! Congratulations on providing the best voting option - by a country mile!

Dave H said...

Deep commiserations Peter

It must be very hard to be beaten by such a wretched apology for a human being,

I blame Labour but especially the so-called socialist left who clearly preferred to get their 'message' out than to stop the BNP. It has echoes of France 2002 and even Germany 1932/3.

Dave H