12 August 2013

Green Party: Stop Fracking Now

Those of us able to remember the original Battlestar Gallactica series, know that “frack” was used as a term of abuse in much the way that another word beginning with f is used commonly today. It is also shorthand for “hydraulic fracturing” which I’d argue is even more offensive.

I’m very proud to stand as a candidate for a party that is against fracking. I’m also delighted that thanks to the North West Greens, the national party has registered the candidate description “Green Party: Stop Fracking Now” with the Electoral Commission, as one of the 12 descriptions we are allowed as a party.

The news that local groups are discussing standing anti-fracking candidates is unsurprising, given the strength of feeling the proposals are causing. It is absolutely crucial that we communicate to local groups, whether they be in Balcombe or Blackpool, that there is a party that will represent them and bring the expertise of running election campaigns.

Today David Cameron has said we should “get behind fracking”. The Green Party says we should get behind renewables and that we should stop fracking now. The others simply don’t seem to get the fact that we must, we absolutely must, stop digging fossil fuels out of the ground and we must do it as soon as we can. The climate consequences of further CO2 input into the atmosphere are terrifying. That is before we start to look at other problems such as water pollution and depletion (please post links here if you have additional research on it).

Cameron, Clegg, Farage and Miliband simply don’t get it. Why would they? It is all about a dash for “economic growth” and not about developing a healthy sustainable economy for the 21st century and beyond. Green Parties are the last best hope for action in our own country and around the globe. If you oppose fracking and you haven’t already joined us, then what in the world are you waiting for?

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alwynne cartmell said...

spot on 100% Peter. We dont need fracking. thankyou for fighting for us