12 August 2013

Neven's Blog

Arguably, the secret is out of the bag. The Guardian has revealed the best source of information on Arctic Sea Ice on the internet, Neven’s blog.

I’ll quote one of the comments below the article by Lochness Munster which is how I feel about the resource now being recognised much more widely:

“I've been lurking on Neven's blog every day for the last couple of years and am pleased that he, and it's excellent below the line contributors, have been recognised.

What does concern me however, is now you have highlighted it in the mainstream, it will almost certainly be attacked immediately by the denial industry's shills and astro-turfers.

One of the best things about the blog is that people with opposing views can participate in highly informed debate without the hate-fueled libelous junk that deniers inflict on every other climate comments thread on the net.

I hope this article doesnt have the same effect as TV travelogues have on the 'unspoilt best kept secret' type of holiday spots.

Guess I'll find out tomorrow.”

The new tactic for sceptics and denialists is to attack the messengers. This is the last refuge they have from the 97% consensus on Climate Change. I hope Neven’s blog remains the valuable and educational resource it has been for many years.

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