15 September 2013

NW Green Party Euro List Result

The results of the Euro selection for the North West region were counted at Conference on Saturday. North West members have selected six strong candidates to join Gina Dowding and myself on the list. Before I move onto them, I need to first thank the two candidates who didn’t make the list this time.

I am absolutely gutted for Lewis Coyne and Jake Welsh. Both of them have worked really hard in the North West for a number of years. We would not be in as strong a position as we are now without them. They are both Young Greens, and what I will say is that there time will come. They will both be councillors and lead candidates a few years in the future.

Congratulations to the successful candidates on the list:

3. Laura Bannister
4. Deyika Nzeribe
5. Jill Perry
6. Richard English
7. John Knight
8. Ulrike Zeshan

We’ve got candidates who are from Cumbria (the excellent Jill Perry), Cheshire (the hard working John Knight) and everywhere inbetween. The age of our candidate ranges from 28 to 55+. Most importantly, we’ve got some excellent individuals with good experience of campaigning.

A particular thank you goes to Laura and Deyika. I think both of them were very impressive at the Lancaster hustings, with completely different styles, but with powerful messages to share. Laura has also spoken powerfully at this conference.

I look forward to working with all of the candidates for a successful election result in May next year. The North West membership has put their trust in all of us and it is up to us to repay them.

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