19 October 2013

Full North West Green Euro List Announced

I’m very proud to head up a list of eight Green candidates who will contest the 2014 Euro election here in the North West. It can’t be emphasised enough that under the EU’s proportional representation rules as little as 8% of the vote could be enough for us to win a first European seat in this region.

Our full list of candidates is:

1. Peter Cranie (Liverpool)
2. Gina Dowding (Lancaster)
3. Laura Bannister (Manchester)
4. Deyika Nzeribe (Manchester)
5. Jill Perry (Allerdale)
6. Richard English (Preston)
7. John Knight (Macclesfield)
8. Ulrike Zeshan (Preston)

We want to bring thousands of new, greener jobs to the North West, protect our NHS and lead the political fight against fracking. We are the only party who fought the 2010 General Election in opposition to High Speed Rail, and we are being proved right to have done so. We know that our policies are popular because the Vote for Policies website that has surveyed over 340,000 voters in the UK offering a blind choice of policies from six different political parties. We consistently emerge as the most popular choice. It is communicating our values to voters that will enable us to win a seat.

In 2009 we lost by just 0.3% to the BNP (our 2009 video before the election shows how that happened). That is less than 5,000 votes out of an electorate of over 5 million voters. In 2014 it will take only a small swing of voters towards the Greens to enable us to win a seat at the expense of Nick Griffin. That is something the vast majority of North West voters would like to see.

The huge survey of 8,000+ voters for YouGov for the European Elections put us Greens on 12%, ahead of the Liberal Democrats, which would be enough for us to win a seat. Polls that prompt for General Election voting intention, then go on to Euro Elections don’t reflect so well on our support.

There are 7 months to go. That’s right. Just 7 months. We need your support. Will you be one of the 5,000 people who will join us in the North West and pledge to make a difference?

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