13 December 2013

People Who I Respect - All Protestors At Barton Moss

Anne Power and Laura Bannister (no3 on our NW Euro list) were protesting at Barton Moss today in opposition to fracking. You can get a report from the Salford Star about what happened. While I work in an air conditioned building teaching Public Health to our future nurses, social workers and teachers, there are people who every day are standing up to protect our future.

I have been tweeting updates and using my position to promote the issues, without people who can be there to make a difference, there is no protest. So the actions of one of our very longstanding NW activists Anne Power, who was removed from the march for "walking too slowly" (she has two hip replacements) or Laura Bannister who was arrested for the same thing, are absolutely crucial.

They are people that I know. I feel for them and I'm inspired by them, but the same applies to everyone at Barton Moss and to the very many who also protested at Balcombe. These are huge issues for our future. So while my wife goes out to work tomorrow morning and I have full time care of my two children, I am very grateful that we have courageous and inspirational people like Anne and Laura to protect their future.

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