21 January 2014

Lord Rennard, Chris Davies and Equal Rights

I want to avoid being overly partisan in this blog post, so I’m going to start by saying that there are some good Liberal Democrats who completely understand the issues of sexual harassment fully. Their representative in Europe in the North West is Chris Davies MEP. I think it is fair to say that he works hard and during the 2009 campaign was perfectly personable to me on hustings.

It is hugely disappointing to see his comments on Lord Rennard. As this peer considers legal action against his own party, Chris Davies has pledged money towards his legal costs. This is very concerning for Liberal Democrat activists and voters in this region.

As the lead candidate in the North West again, Chris Davies will be the continuing MEP for the Liberal Democrats here if they get enough support in May (although the latest Euro poll predicts they will lose all their seats). So the Liberal Democrat activists in the North West who have been deeply disappointed by their MEP’s response to this issue are left with a very difficult choice. Vote for their party but re-elect a politician who will earn a Euro salary for five years and contribute towards the legal fees of Lord Rennard, not vote or vote for an alternative.

Whatever choice individuals make will be difficult. I’d urge those who are part of the social liberal forum particularly, to consider us as an alternative. If anyone does want to contact me to pledge support, anonymity will be respected.


Rupert said...

Good piece, Peter.
Same here in Eastern Region; in the sense that their MEP, Duff, oversaw an amazingly dirty Rennardian campaign at the last Euros: http://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/rupert-read/why-do-lib-dems-care-so-much-about-lord-rennard

eartheart said...

Which ever way this cuts it is a horrible. If Rennard did not commit the crimes he was found cleared off then why should he apologise. On the other hand, if he did commit them then he is a complete shit for both destroying his party and committing the offences and denying it. Truth is we were not there so do not truly know. The likely truth is that selfish pride is coursing a problem we should not gloat over - SWP last year, Liberals this year, Joyce and Falkirk for Labour and I'm sure some Tory I have forgotten.