22 January 2014

Wythenshawe and Sale East By-Election Appeal

On the 13th February there will be a by-election in Wythenshawe and Sale East. If you are one of the national Green Party members who thinks it is vital that we stand and contest Parliamentary by-elections then we need you to show your support in the next 48 hours.

Manchester Green Party and Trafford Green Party committees have expressed majority support for the idea of standing, but a final democratic decision and candidate selection will take place on Friday. They have authorised me to make this appeal on their behalf. An absolute minimum requirement is that the campaign raises £1,500 to enable them to pay for a freepost leaflet and to cover the deposit.

I’ve pledged £100 and I need 14 other national members to do the same, or 140 members to pledge £10 each. That shouldn’t be too hard in a party with 12,000 members but we need you to respond now.

For the next 48 hours, you can donate to the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election by going to our usual Euro donation page http://www.green-action.org.uk/peter-cranie.php

All donations up until Friday at midnight, donations received will go straight to the by-election campaign with regular updates to inform the local parties how much has been raised.

I apologise for any cross postings or multiple postings, but please spread this through your green networks inside and outside the party. If you can help, please donate straight away.

Peter Cranie

NW Green Party

Published and Promoted by P Cranie on behalf of the Green Party c/o 56-64 Leonard Street, Development House, London, EC2A 4LT


Peter Cranie said...

Appeal update 1: At 9.30am this morning £125 had been donated by people to add to my own pledge. Thank you.

eartheart said...

I will donate a little but honestly why do we not just deliver the NW newspaper that is just coming back from the printers. It is ready at the perfect time, has loads more info than a free post leaflet, we can target the areas we think most promising and it does buold us towards the Euro's which is the point of standing? If Laura is the candidate it promotes her to and this will hardly be extra work - juts a slightly different distribution of papers

Shan Oakes said...

I guess you will be majoring on fracking? Its a no brainer for us. Good luck

eartheart said...

Not sure it is a no brainer Shan, there are so many things that are no brainers, Citizen's Income's, Land Tax, our immigratipon and welfare policies. I reckon we are overrun with choices. I know that being on benefits mysel at present that demonisation and division of society is my number one right now. :-)

C Rehill said...

Deadline is 5 pm (?) Tuesday for nominations to be lodged with Manchester City Council. Rather helpfully their site is "down". Do the Greens stand a chance in Wythenshawe? Lost deposits are costly.

Alan Borgars said...

Hello,any idea if the necessary £1,500 has been raised? It is important we keep our profile up by standing in by-elections like this one. Besides, it will get a lot of media attention due to it being quite close to the Euro elections.

Alan Borgars said...

Hello,folks,just wondering whether the £1500 has been raised yet? Deadline for submitting nominations for this by-election is Wednesday 29th,pretty soon in other words!

RoseMary Warrington said...

According to this blog money raised and papers in on time http://petercranie.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/nigel-woodcock-green-candidate-for.html.

And there are thanks at the end of it.

I expect they are all a bit busy