3 January 2014

Nick Griffin Declared Bankrupt

In some astonishing news today. Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, has been declared bankrupt despite earning a six figure salary for the last four years.

You’ll be astonished to hear that being bankrupt does not disqualify Nick Griffin from representing you and I in the European Parliament. Indeed, he has made clear that it won't affect party funds and I suspect it is actually a tactic to help the BNP to access the large donations they are expecting from legacies. He will of course be standing again in May for re-election.

We absolutely must not and cannot let Griffin get re-elected to the European Parliament on May 22nd this year. In 2009 (chart below) it was the Green Party which was the closest progressive option to keeping Griffin out and it is our duty to kick him out.

Please help us beat the BNP in May and elect the first Green MEP for the North West. Share this news with your contacts and get them to pledge their vote to us.

You can donate to support the NW Green Party by clicking the link to our Green Action page.


Daz Parkin said...

Peter, why are you astonished that Nick Griffin has not been forced to step down?

Nick Griffin was democratically elected to the European parliament, and whilst I do not believe in the BNP's policies, I do not believe a democratically elected representative should be forced to step down due to financial hardship.

Peter Cranie said...

Thanks for your comment Daz. Parish and local authority councillors who go bankrupt are disqualified from public office. The fact that an MEP can remain in post when the same thing happens is astonishing.

The BNP were democratically elected. The gained more votes than the Green Party and that isn't in dispute. However, it is a list system in the European Elections and the BNP had others on their list so if Griffin was disqualified, democracy is not affected.

The fact that Griffin can stand again is astonishing. Once again you can look at Electoral Commission guidance on this http://ht.ly/shsPO

Elaine Taylor said...

FYI - This is Nick Gri££in’s second bankruptcy. So, he will probably remain bankrupt for the rest of his life, as there is no automatic discharge on your second bankruptcy. This man should not be allowed to stand again. Personally, I hate everything he and his party stands for I hope we will not see his likes again in the North West after May of this year!