24 January 2014

Wythenshawe and Sale East By-Election Appeal - Update

Our updated figures show that in the last 36 hours we've had £567 donated and £250 in additional pledges. Firstly, a huge level of thanks to everyone who has already donated (and your tolerance if this keeps appearing on your timelines).

We've got until 7pm tonight to get sufficient finance in place to stand a candidate. That means we need to raise a further £683. The cost of the deposit is £500, the cost of 50,000+ black and white leaflets for the freepost scheme is £630. That leaves £370 for press work, booking venues and all other election expenses.

In the 2012 local elections, this was the breakdown in local election shares:

Labour: 12,010 (56.9%)
Conservatives: 4,731 (22.4%)
Liberal Democrats: 1,389 (6.6%)
Greens: 1,347 (6.4%)
UKIP: 1,320 (6.3%)
TUSC: 193 (negligible)
Independent: 117 (negligible)

Our target has to be to finish ahead of the Liberal Democrats. To have a chance of doing that, we will need further backing. All donations to the http://www.green-action.org.uk/peter-cranie.php website up until midnight, will go to the byelection campaign. Thanks again for reading.

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C Rehill said...

Good luck to Greens. Better luck to Socialists;)