20 May 2014

And some humour...

After a disastrous night of results in the European Elections, journalists swarm around Westminster to speak to Liberal Democrat MPs. Will Clegg face a leadership challenge? Will he resign? Is the coalition going to collapse?

Lib Dem MP after Lib Dem MP walk past. "No comment!"

A frustrated journalist nips into a quiet corner to make a call and finds a prominent red haired Liberal Democrat MP doing the same. The journalist asks, "Will you tell me how you feel about Nick Clegg's leadership?"

The Lib Dem MP furtively looks around and mumbles to the journalist, "not here", and hands him his card after scrawling, "Hyde Park" and "Serpentine" on it.

An hour later, the journalist meets up with the MP and asks him again, "Tell me how you feel about Nick Clegg's leadership?"

Again the MP glances around, mumbles something and passes the journalist another card. 10 minutes later they are both on separate pedalo boats that are casually passing each other in the middle of the Serpentine, and the journalist asks his question for a final time.

"So how do you feel about Nick Clegg's leadership?"

The MP replies in a hushed whisper,

"I think he is doing a good job."

Please remember to #votegreen2014 on Thursday. At election time, politics can be a bit sense of humour free, but Green candidates are ordinary folk, with families and a sense of humour too. We've got a serious job to do and immense challenges, but we can also laugh and keep our humanity.

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