20 May 2014

3. Climate Change

Have you seen anything about Climate Change during this European Election campaign. No? It's not surprising. The media narrative has been UKIP focused and a party that simply doesn't accept the overwhelming scientific evidence on human caused climate change will win benefit from a failure to put any scrutiny on this issue.

For many scientists, 350ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere was a safe limit. We are now at 402ppm. At the last European Elections we were at 390 and at the next ones we will probably be at 414. Our time is ticking away and we urgently need more Green elected to Europe to make the case for real action.

The Observer editorial at the weekend said all the right things but simply wouldn't put in what was needed - "Vote Green on Thursday" - and with only a couple of notable exceptions, the opinion writers have steered clear of even mentioning the Greens. We've had to drag ourselves up using social media to poll ratings with the reliable pollsters (that actually prompt for the Greens) of 8 to 12%. We know that if we get to the top end of that range, we can win additional seats.

If this is your issue, it really is a once in a five year chance to make a difference by casting your vote this Thursday. I hope you back the Greens, because we need your votes, and the European Parliament needs more of our MEPs.

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