12 May 2014

The Politics of Hope - Greens at 10%

There has been a #mediablackout of the Greens. There has been a relentless focus on the issues of the right. Yet after a period of being neck and neck, the Greens for the first time have clearly pulled ahead of the Liberal Democrats in this evening's ICM Poll in the Guardian. It has the Greens on 10% and the LDs on 7%. What does this mean in terms of seats?

In the North West, it would mean a definite seat for the Green Party, with us potentially making 3 or 4 gains nationally. It also shows that hope, rather than fear, can be a vote winner in this election.

It's now time to point out to friends, family and neighbours that we need their votes to be Green ones. The new challenge is to also limit the rise of UKIP. A strong Green vote for the politics of hope will mean the media has an alternative story after the election, not just one of fear, anti-immigrant sentiment and scaremongering from UKIP.

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