19 May 2014

Yvette Cooper and David Lammy - the Labour Dream Ticket?

It's the middle of an election and I really haven't got time to write this blog post, but I will because it may also matter for the election itself.

This morning on the Today programme, Ed Miliband stumbled around an interview to avoid calling Nigel Farage racist. This afternoon Yvette Cooper and David Lammy issued much stronger statements that were much better, and in fact contradicted their leader's stance. Read more here at Labour Uncut.

So what is going on? It is a long time since I was a member of the Labour Party, however I can tell you that there was a Merseyside Labour MP who came up to me at the European Election count in June 2009 to tell me he had voted Green because he wanted to see a leadership challenge against Gordon Brown.

Labour have been uninspired and plodding in opposition. The Tories are now in the lead in some polls despite appalling austerity inflicted on communities around the country in the last four years. There are genuine concerns about whether Ed Miliband's cerebral style will cut it in the leadership debates, especially with Nigel Farage's combative style now almost certain to feature.

So what is going on? If Labour do badly at the polls on Thursday, for example finishing 3rd behind UKIP and the Tories, is there time for a leadership change, and a Cooper / Lammy team to lead Labour into the next election? Yes. Will Labour voters and activists be considering whether or not to help bring that about? If so, where is an acceptable vote for a Labour activist or supporter who wants Ed Miliband replaced?

I think we know the answer and if the Greens do better than the 9 or 10% nationally that YouGov (the most accurate pollster in 2009) is predicting for us, my guess is that there is going to be momentum for a new Labour team at the top.

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